Mi Rebotica was born from the union of the small cosmetics industry and pharmacists’ work. It came about after a long period of working together, trying to take apothecary cosmetics into large scale cosmetics.

Pharmacy-prepared cosmetics have always been different for a reason, not only for the quality of the formulations but also for the concentration of their active ingredients. Apthecary cosmetics are based on maximum concentrations which enables us to boast the effectiveness of our formulas.

In Mi Rebotica we’ve gone a step beyond that, we continue to formulate apothecary cosmetics but on a scaled basis, in such a way that we don’t lose one drop of quality or concentration in our formulae but which doing it in large quantities, meaning we can put them at the reach of more people.

Our taste for quality and work done with care and in an almost handmade way, like in the old apothecaries, and with a deep respect and admiration for nature is what has made us opt for 100% natural ingredients just as in the original prescription formulae. Run by a professional team with extensive experience in the pharmacy sector,

Mi Rebotica offers a wide range of products with the best combination of Quality+Effectiveness+Safety, which is achieved thanks to constant R+D work in our small laboratory.

Our best guarantee are the thousands of skins that are cared for today by our products all over the world

- What if we make “real” cosmetics? ... You put the aromas and I will add the actives and textures -

That was the question that triggered the origin of Mi Rebotica.

The world of smells, from the hand of a perfumer, Antonio Serrano, joined with the world of pharmacy of a lovesick pharmaceutical formulator - Estíbaliz Lancha. All with the sole purpose of making true cosmetics, without masks or illusions, which do not succeed through the “claims” but by the right amount of active ingredients.

We like to call it apothecary cosmetics, since it was originated from the magistral formulas.

The recipe is easy: select a magistral formula with natural active ingredients that we know by tradition effective, add last generation actives to improve their effectiveness, a touch of aroma and texture maintaining the principle of simplicity, and finish dressing it with an artisan touch; because our products are made in small batches, hand packaged and labeled.

Today Mi Rebotica is not just a project, but has become a way of life and a way of understanding the pharmacy and cosmetics; always giving the best of ourselves, in each formula, each package...

So if I had to define Mi Rebotica it would be: Magistral Effective Cosmetics, with a soul.